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We went there and I never even put any pictures on the internet! what!?

Now that I’ve come to my senses and blessed everyone on the internet with pictures of Hawaii I’ll be able to sleep at night. You’re welcome, internet.

The trip was amazing. We were lucky enough to get a slice of everything Hawaii has to offer (or the parts we wanted anyway). We got the beachin’ in, some hiking and even a photo shoot with a real model! While we’re counting the days for him to come to his senses and move back to the mainland, we’re extremely lucky to have such an amazing tour guide. Thanks, Lago.

IMG_4804 IMG_4783 IMG_4729 IMG_4723 IMG_4721 IMG_4705 IMG_4667 IMG_4641 IMG_4596 IMG_4573 IMG_4565 IMG_4545 IMG_4544 IMG_4531 IMG_4497 IMG_4431 IMG_4429 IMG_4413 IMG_4394 IMG_4392 IMG_4348 IMG_4251 IMG_4167

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