Photography / Piper

Dog Photographer

I thought about it. Maybe I’d take pictures of people’s dogs and I would become a famous dog photographer. Well, as it turns out, the only place that led was taking more pictures of our dog, Piper. She is probably my most photographed subject at this point in my semi-not really-professional career.

I still think it’s a good idea and maybe one day I’ll make time for one of my ideas and focus on making it a reality. Until then I will post more pictures of the only dog I got to pose for pictures (she’s a ham, it didn’t take much).

That being said, if you see this post and want me to take some pictures of your pup (or any other pet for that matter) just let me know and we’ll set something up!

IMG_5124 IMG_5186 IMG_5182 IMG_5181 IMG_5176 IMG_5174 IMG_5173 IMG_5167 IMG_5164 IMG_5145

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