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It’s your average everyday campin’ wagon

My good friend Ryan ZumMallen has somehow convinced makers of automobiles to hand over the keys to brand new cars in exchange for words. Now, if I was as good with words as he was I’m sure they would be worth enough to buy a car too but as it stands my words are barely worth a used, not running, beat up Honda Shadow (even then I’d probably still just have to pay with money). So what I’ll do is keep tagging along using his words (and maybe my pictures) as currency while these unknowing car people entrust in us these machines of the road.

Now, the reason I believe that his words are worth so much is because just recently he contacted Scion in hopes of receiving a brand new FRS for a test drive on a camping trip known solely as Kern. If you don’t know what a Scion FRS is, then go ahead and keep your pants on because this post will soon be filled with pictures so that you can see it with your eyes and later it will contain a link to the real money for your reading pleasure. And if you don’t know what Kern is, then go ahead and imagine a weekend long (or week long for some) camping, river rafting, sun bathing, good time having, party for you and your 200 closest friends.

The trip went very well I can say (no cars where injured in the making of these pictures) and the pictorial fruits of our labor can be seen below.  Soon we will get to read the fruit as well.



Here’s the fruit as promised.

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