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It’s hot in the summer time

But we decided to go camping anyway. Just look out for the fact that every other person on the planet has the same idea so finding a campsite is a little more tricky. Most of the good sites are taken and you’re forced to camp at a place no one has heard of were the park ranger tells you, “next time you’ll want to avoid this campsite, you’ll see why.” And we saw why, rather, we smelt it. It was a small campground and our lovely site was tucked away right behind the port-a-potty. Lovely smells aside it was great to get out and camp again. The hiking was hot but pretty (however dead everything happened to be).

After we were done sweating through our clothes and checking every 5 minutes for ticks we packed up and took off to Monterey. It’s the opposite of hot there (cold, for those not following) and it was a nice refreshing break from the heat of everywhere else. Some of these pictures are from the famous 17 mile drive, very pretty coast but very crowded so it was hard to find a shot that not everyone and their mom had taken with their iPhone.  I hope I did that, although I didn’t google it.

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